My Little Brother

Yesterday my little brother Nate headed back north to start his the second semester of his sophomore year at the University of Illinois (we are from central Illinois, so I am the one far from home).  I will admit I had that sinking stomach feeling as he and his girlfriend drove away.  

What can I say, I’m an older sister.  I’m 4.5 years older than Nate.  It’s enough time that we learned to respect each at a much younger age.  Plus Nate is just plain cool.  This kid can fix ANYTHING- loves ecology, and let’s face it basically rocks.  Image

*Note this picture is from the London airport after a overnight flight

When I sat down to each lunch today I decided to watch the most recent episode of Modern Family.  Nate and I love Modern Family and Nate’s goal is to be like Phil when he is a Dad…  we will see.  (I was eating at my desk so watching Modern Family allowed me to actually take a break instead of working through lunch…  

In the most recent episode Haley and Alex are left to babysit Luke, the little brother,  over new years. Luke invites a girl over and the older sisters don’t know what to do… Throughout the episode they realize Luke is growing up.  At the end Haley says ” I am so not ready for him to grow up yet” and Alex responds “I know I want him to stay our stupid little brother”.

I honestly almost sobbed.  It felt so near and dear.  I love watching Nate grow up- but sometimes I just want him to stay little.  


While I almost sobbed I enjoyed some lunch

ImageA hummus, avocado, bean sprout sandwich with half a grapefruit.  It actually really hit the spot.  I love hummus and bean sprout sandwiches- they remind me of my dear friend Christin.  

However, I started to get really hungry around 2:30 so I pulled out my snack.  I think it may be switching to an early schedule but my hunger levels are out of control.Image

So I pulled my snack out.  Grapes and a greek yogurt- LOVE.  

I’m at work for another hour and then headed out for a walk in the beautiful weather (unseasonably warm in the mountains).  No huge plans for tonight.  I may be lame and read or maybe something fun will come up.  We will see.

Now I have to ask

What corny things have made you cry in the last few months?


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Make Yourself Proud Mug

My make yourself proud mug is my favorite!  Every time I decide to use this mug I get excited!  I know I am SUCH a dork but I just love it.  I feel like the day is mine when I use this mug.  Isn’t it crazy how easy it it to motivate yourself with a simple mug- it is worth a the $5 I spent on the mug about a month ago.  


Really it’s a great mug.

And I did make myself proud today!  I got up at 6 (I love getting up at 6 and getting my day going- is that weird or what), started the fire (okay fine I tried but it was a hard fire day), did my Best Body workout (thanks tina), and got ready for my day.  

I’m Proud- and all of you should be proud of yourself!  Even small things should be celebrated- ALWAYS.  ImageThen it was time for breakfast!  Which was needed let me tell you.  My stomach was totally talking out loud.  It told me food was needed and I told it nutrition was needed.

ImageSmoothy time let me tell you!  I love smoothies-they are a great way to fill up and take care of that sweet tooth (I have a HUGE sweet tooth and would rather own it then pretend I don’t).  

This smoothy had blueberries, one half a banana, 3/4 cup soy milk, a scoop of chocolate amazing grass, and about 1/4 a scoop of soy protein.  I am trying out the Amazing Grass just for the fun of it.  What can I way, I’m a future dietitian I like to try new things.

Okay so a little more inspiration for your day!

ImageImageImageand my all time favorite- It’s actually the background on my computer

ImageHave an inspired Friday


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Good Bye Gum Good Bye Artificial Sweeteners


I am a user and abuser of gum and artificial sweeteners.  Yeah I know they are bad for me.  Yes I know that as a registered dietitian I should know better.  I do know better.

Chewing gum is a stress thing for me.  I am no small user.  I’ve been known to chew threw a crazy amount of gum (more than one pack per day).  I know I over chew and I am convinced it is linked to my teeth grinding.  I am a severe teeth grinder.  So I have resolved to stop chewing gum.  It’s gonna be tricky especially when I am stressed out- but I know I can and will do it.

I also overuse artificial sweetener.  I have for years and it comes from a long history of self esteem issues (I’m working through them).  I’ve more than a week without them and I think I have finally kicked the habit!  But I also know that stress will return and bad habits can come with stress.

Well- Week one of best body bootcamp

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Road Trip Rules

I got up early to take one last run through the wintery midwest before I leave the flat lands behind and head back to the mountains

IMG_0459If you were at all questioning if 4 degrees is cold- let me just tell you- it is!  I was freezing my tail off all 5 miles of my run- brrrrrrr

However, this view made it all worth it

IMG_0462Nate and I are hitting the road in three and a half hours (I am not counting down or anything). So I picked up some items for our road trip.

Road trips can be filled with unhealthy options and not eating meals…  I know I have had very few “healthy road trips.”  My last road left me feeling hung over and sick- not from alcohol but from curly fries.

So as we head out on the road I picked up a few items that I think will prevent the nasty unhealthy foods from crossing out lips.  I really do think taking healthy food with you is a good idea because it’s easy and prevents you from stopping and grabbing those unhealthy temptations

IMG_0464Carrots for snapping- apples for my sweet tooth- nuts for the salty portion- and juice and carbonated water to stop the need to get a soda pop

If I could only bring a coffee along we would be all set.

Good luck returning to wherever you come from


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Waiting for Christin * not christmas silly

I am currently waiting for one of my dear friends Christen to arrive and I will admit I am getting a little antsy:)  I just really can’s wait to see her


She is just such a wonderful girl! We went to Saint Louis University together, were in the same women’s group for four years, were RA’s together, lived together our senior year, and then last year as she finished up her DPT (miss smarty pants) she lived with me.  I am SO excited to see her.

We had another breakfast party this morning (very in style these days)


The Pumpkin bread was amazing!  I will get the recipe for you all.  It was whole wheat (my whole wheat pumpkin bread always comes out flat), apple sauce, a blueberry muffin, and grapes.  Amy went all out and did a wonderful job

Her roommate is a huge app state girl- check out the muffin cups!


ImageYep App State Muffin Cups!  How cute.  Lauren and I then walked to work (it’s about a mile) and Dr. G and I started working on next semester- what can i say we never rest.

Then it was back home again and cleaning.  I started to nibble on everything so I actually sat down and ate lunch Image

A frittata with two egg whites, an egg, sweet tator, and spinach with a little cheese on top.  I wish I could say this stopped me from snacking but… I am such a bad nibbler.  

Just talked to Christin- less than an hour!  I am counting down:)

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Flu Shot Sick

Hi Friends,

Today was my first holiday party!  The senior class I GA for traded having a final for a holiday potluck- I have to say I think this was a great idea

IMG_0401My plate was AMAZING

IMG_0402The green beans and sweet tators were freaking amazing!  Plus a little apricot BBQ, a salad, some mac and cheese (which just made me want more), and mexican corn bread.

IMG_0403Carrot cake and magic bars for dessert (I have such a huge sweet tooth).  While we were eating I was saying I just felt beat up today- that my glands were swollen and I was worn out- I was blaming it on exams and the end of the semester.  Charlotte (my Prof 8 year old) told me about having her flu shot.  I responded “oh my gosh I just had mine yesterday.”  Casey (My Prof’s husband) pointed out that that may be why I was feeling a little off.  So I guess I am flu shot sick- funny huh

However, when I got home

When I got home I had a big project


Note that is not a bubbling pot of stew..  It’s


75 Ginger Bread Cookies!  For my class- I am going to miss them so much- I thought this might make their final exam a little better- plus who doesn’t love ginger bread- it’s so old fashioned and wonderful

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Breakfast Party

Well Hi friends,

I have had a nice relaxing morning which feels WONDERFUL.  It’s been SO long and I can feel the stress of the semester ease up a little.  It takes me a LONG time to come off my “run run run” high and just let go a little.

I woke up- did a little yoga- and had breakfast with my dear friend Lauren


I should note she was not prepared for this picture!

I made a big pot of oats- 1 cup oats, 2 bananas, and a little more than a tablespoon of peanut butter.  I LOVE oatmeal made this way.  Plus more coffee than I really needed 🙂  That happens


Oh man oh man!  I love breakfast- we should really do this more often in my life.

Think of all the fun breakfast parties could be- imagine an egg breakfast party, a cinnamon roll breakfast party, or more oatmeal.  I love the idea of someday having a bring your own oatmeal ingredients to the party (plus it’s cheap and I still get to bed on time:)

Well friends my hair is not drying well and I need to finish it and my stats exam so I better get going

Happy Wednesday

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