Watermelon Milk Shakes

Tonight I learned something new.  It started with a simple question and ended with an adventure.

The question: “What do you think of Watermelon Milk Shakes?”

My Answer: Interesting…

I guess watermelon milk shakes are “normal” fair from June through August at a fast food chain called Cookout in this part of the country.

So after street nachos with Sarah and Lauren

we headed out to try something new

The crowd outside looked promising!

 Watermelon milk shake was tried

Verdict: Not bad- Not amazing but not bad

I have to say I was most surprised that it was actual watermelon and not watermelon flavoring.  Our North Carolina guide informed us that Watermelon Milk Shakes are made by simply adding watermelon fruit to ice cream and mixing.

I was boring and went with Mocha-If I am going to eat dessert I want chocolate

ALSO sorry for the bad pictures- they were taken on my phone

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2 Responses to Watermelon Milk Shakes

  1. Molly says:

    Either Sarah or Lauren looks like Lindsey Lohan in Parent Trap!

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