My illegal doings

I have a confession!  I do something illegal.  Just wait for it’s really good…

I steal flowers.  When I go for walks or am walking around campus and I see a pretty flower- I simply pick it.

This started in college.  Picking flowers was a huge no no.  However, the flowers were so beautiful and I was so tempted to pick them.  One day when running I found a bunch of precut flowers in one of the flowerbeds.  You can imagine my joy.

It was all downhill from there.  I moved from simply taking cut flowers to sneakily picking flowers.  Now I have almost no shame.  I pick flowers from stranger’s yards.  I pick flowers in public parks.  I even pick flowers from flowerpots on the square…

Yep I am a thief.  I am currently plotting how to steal blue hydrangeas from a house on my running route (LOVE blue hydrangeas).

However, I really enjoy the flowers I pick-so I feel as though their death is for a worthy cause.

Breakfast this morning was simple and easy.  I blended about a cup of yogurt with a handful of spinach and blueberries.  The yogurt was unsweet so I added a drizzle of honey.  The honey floated on top and slightly sweetened every gulp- twas amazing.

Do you have any illegal habits?

Happy Monday


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