Not my dog

Not my Dog

I decided the perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon was to take Phea; my roommates dog for a nice long slow walk. We meandered all over the place in no huge hurry. I really don’t want t dog right now, but I really enjoy borrowing my roommate’s dog. Phea was a great sport

Our walk took us up a mountain (okay maybe a hill). It also reminded me why I wanted to live in Appalachia. I love that what would be called a hike in central Illinois is just a normal everyday walk.

While walking I planned out the perfect meal

Chicken en papillote-, which is really just an easy way to bake chicken in the oven. The chicken is incased in a half moon of parchment paper and baked for 45 minutes at 400 degrees. I used olive oil, a little salt, and a little red pepper to bake my chicken. Then served it with spinach, avocado, mango salsa, and cantaloupe. It was really quite delicious but I am so full I hurt!

Well friends I hope you are well rested after your Sunday!

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