My Name is Kale


Dr. Cullen, one of my favorite professors, loved Kale.  Every time he got on a tangent about American eating habits he would say “… and no one eats Kale anymore”.  I always wondered if he sat in his office eating leaf after leaf of kale.

So last year as a good-bye gift we ordered this print from etsy.  I think it is supposed to be for a nursery.  I have to watch it with this kind of stuff cause I am the type of person who would deck out her child’s nursery in kale and think it was totally normal.



Now every time I eat Kale I think “my name is Kale and I am one of the healthiest vegetables.”  All vegetables are healthy but kale truly is a rock star.  My roommate made an amazing kale salad last week and we had a bunch of leftover dressing but no  kale.  When I saw kale at the farmers market I knew we really “needed it”.




I should inform you that I “need” more farmers market vegetables like other women “need” more shoes.


I added some farmers market tomatoes, avocado, black beans, and leftover chicken.



Served with a slice of homemade whole wheat bread and homemade strawberry jam.  We are food people-what can I say.

I will get the salad dressing recipe for you and the bread is good but not great…  I will perfect it before I post it.

Okay so I just saw that the etsy store that has the “My name is Kale” print also has a print of yellow squash, beats, and avocado.  Do you think if I decorated a nursery in vegetables other than Kale my child would turn out more normal?








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One Response to My Name is Kale

  1. Molly says:

    and I have a Dr. Cullen at my school too!

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