I eat Eggs

When I am not feeling inspired and there is nothing in the fridge calling my name.  When I want food fast but feel like it needs to be quasi healthy.  When a little homesick.  When I just plain am out of ideas.  I eat eggs.

Eggs are the answer to all of your problems.  Are you broke?  Eat eggs they are crazy cheap.  Are you hungry?  Eat eggs they have a good balance of protein and fat.  Are you alone?  Eat eggs they come portion controlled.

Who knew it was as simple as an egg

After spending the day in food lab I was not inspired.  One would think that food lab would inspire me but it doesn’t.  Food lab makes me crave a run for my sanity and easy food to control my hunger.  My roommate agreed to run at the greenway (my favorite place ever!  Promise I will blog about it) so my mental needs were taken care of. I only had my physical needs to take care of.

As I noted early eggs solve all of my problems.  They were the answer again

This is such an ugly picture.  Sorry but it was an egg kind of day

I hope your day was EGGcellent


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