Awe Inspired

OH FRIENDS!  I have so much to tell you.  Today I am inspired.! Yesterday evening my roommate suggested we check out Farm Cafe.  Farm stands for Feeding All Regardless  of Means.

Farm Cafe provides Real Good Food.  This is what community is about!  This is why I am falling in love with this community!

So Farm Cafe is in an old soda fountain shop in downtown Boone and it is adorable.  The cafe serves fresh local food to everyone and anyone.  The cafe has suggested prices for small, medium, and large plates but no one is ever turned away.  You can also volunteer your time in the kitchen for a meal.

The cafe had live music and take a book leave a book

Also lets be honest the food was freaking AMAZING

Yes I payed $6 for this food!  I enjoyed the Thai Curry Pork Tenderlion, the apple cranberry salad, the sesame braised spinach, and my favorite the ginger carrot and corn soup

WOW- Plus amazing service

Served by my new friend Ingrid!  How amazing and beautiful is she!  I can’t wait to get to know her more!  I’ve decided the Wednesday mornings should be spent with her at Farm Cafe- being inspired by people, by community, and of course by food


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