I have to tell you I am taking a hit this thursday.  It is my first official full on week of school.  I worked all 24 hours and went to all 9 hours worth of class and while I am loving it I am also a little worn out.

While I LOVE being in lab- I had 5 hours of lab today.  When one lab two hour lab finished we cleaned up and quickly started again.  I the labs I GA for but I will admit it took a lot of energy to finish one and start another.

When I walked in the door at 7 I knew I needed to both work out and prep dinner.  I combined my efforts and jumped rope while I roasted beats and the quinoa cooked.  When I finished my fast workout I threw some goat cheese and spinach into the pan



Sorry for the short post but my eyes lids are so heavy!  I’m Beet


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