Rain Run

We went for a rain run this afternoon and it was wonderful.  The rain ran all over wonderful and yet sort of uncomfortable.  I enjoy a good rain run from time to time

When we got home it was dinner time.  I prepped some easy veggies and threw in a little chicken sausage

Simple and yummy!  I will admit there are no pictures of my dinner plate.  It was really much prettier before than after

and dessert is something we should totally talk about

Coconut ice cream

If you have an ice cream maker (and I simply borrowed my bosses for the weekend) you should try this.  My friend Lauren was coming over for dinner and she is lactose intolerant.

I would happily give you this recipe but it’s not mine (sorry).  If you do a quick google search you should be able to find the same thing.

have a great start to your short week


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One Response to Rain Run

  1. Ian says:

    all the food on the cutting board is very pretty! What are those orange things, cherry tomatoes? They almost look like baby oranges, very cool.

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