Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today is Sarah’s 25th birthday!

I met Sarah my freshman year of college and she pretty much told me she would be my best friend.  She was right!

I can actually remember telling me we would be friends for a long time.  We were walking back from the soccer fields at SLU and she linked arms with me and informed of our future together.  I am not sure if she told a lot of people that or if she hit the nail on the head but she hit the nail on the head.

Sarah is an amazing friend, amazing resident, and overall amazing person.  She is the kind of girl you want as a best friend.  The kind of person who supports you through the rough times but always challenges you to be better.

I am so thankful to have her in my life and so proud of her

I downed a quick bowl of granola and a pear this morning- It hit the spot!

Have a wonderful day


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One Response to Happy Birthday Sarah

  1. Sarah B. says:

    Ellie you are too sweet. Wish i could run and give you a big ol’ bear hug. Miss you! Love the blog.

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