Natural Woman

It is totally possible that the Carol King song Natural Woman best describes what I am truly looking for in a man…

Let me see- Your Love Was the Key to my peace of mind…

Yep I tell you-high expectations to find these things.

My roommate asked me what music I “grew up” on tonight (when I said I am not a Pink Floyd fan…  It’s not happy music).  I answered James Taylor, Carol King, and Carly Simon mixed in with a little Cat Stevens, The Eagles, and Elton John.

The Eagles song Peaceful Easy Feeling strongly influenced my decision to get my ears pierced at 21.  I mean who doesn’t want to inspire lines like

I like the way sparkling earings lay , against your skin so brown

Well I may or may not have listened to the entire Carol King Tapestry album while making dinner tonight and I actually feel that dinner made me feel a little like a Natural Woman


I tried to make Jenna’s Plant Burgers-but I will be honest, mine did not turn out so well


Also I really need to say sorry for my poor photography skills-Ya’ll are saints for bearing with me as I “figure things out”



Question of the Night? What songs impacted your childhood?

Happy Wednesday






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