Sun in the Mountains

I LOVE the mountains.  I actually totally believe I need to get that bumper sticker that reads “I love the mountains”.

I  Love that when I walk home from class I am immediately put at peace simply by the mountains beauty and the freshness of the mountain air.  That life honestly seems to move a little slower up here even though I still move at warp speed.

They get in your soul in a honest and powerful way

I Love that men with beards are the norm and when I go to the grocery store I see people in overalls.  These people are not being hipsters, they are actually real life hipsters (aka they don’t keep up on fashion).

I Love that hiking, biking, and climbing are all big and when you meet someone you simply have to ask what their hobby is, because everyone has one.

I Love the accent.  While I don’t have an accent on campus (turns out young people from Charlotte and Chapel Hill don’t have accents) I feel so out of place at the grocery store.  I love listening to people as they sing their words.

But I DO admit I have one major issue with the mountains.  I miss the sun!  It takes a good long while for the sun to come over the mountain but when it does… oh boy… when it does the mountains come alive and I may love the mountains even more.


This morning when I woke up, the sun was on the mountain!  So for the first time in a few days I took a picture that does not look like a second graders art project.

Greek Yogurt, Berries, and oatmeal

Simple like my love of the mountains

TGIF (If only it still came with Sabrina and Boy Meets World)


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