Sprouted and Beat

I am BEAT!  Yes this semester has chewed me up and spit me out and I made it through to the other end.  Yes friends I am 1/4 done with my Masters degree (well almost I have one more stats question to answer).

I wanted to start the day with some brain powered protein


and we needed to get rid of the grapes (they were getting old) so I threw together a sweet potato, 1 egg two egg whites, spinach omlet and was off to start may day.


I’ve been walking to campus from the mall (it’s about a mile) and LOVING it.  I love the excercise and the time to think about my day. Oh and I love my red shoes- they are just SO fun.

We had our only exam at 9 and then the girls decided it was time to celebrate!  So we headed to Our Daily Bread and lunch was had


What a pretty plate- Our Daily Bread does a really good job with fresh yummy ingredients.  This is the chicken salad plate with pumpkin bread (SO GOOD).  I have to say- this may be one of my favorite meals- we don’t eat out often but I still prefer simplicity.

Then Katy surprised us with a gift


We all have matching App State Mugs with our names and a nutrition quote


“our food should be our medicine and medicine should be our off”

LOVE-Thanks Katy

Then walked home and went out to run (a cold 5 miles)- finished my stats exam (well almost) and decided it was time for dinner

Potato leek soup and half a veggie hummus sandwich- hit the spot!  Well friends it is SO good to be back- watching Miracle on 34th Street- OH I love it!


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