Flu Shot Sick

Hi Friends,

Today was my first holiday party!  The senior class I GA for traded having a final for a holiday potluck- I have to say I think this was a great idea

IMG_0401My plate was AMAZING

IMG_0402The green beans and sweet tators were freaking amazing!  Plus a little apricot BBQ, a salad, some mac and cheese (which just made me want more), and mexican corn bread.

IMG_0403Carrot cake and magic bars for dessert (I have such a huge sweet tooth).  While we were eating I was saying I just felt beat up today- that my glands were swollen and I was worn out- I was blaming it on exams and the end of the semester.  Charlotte (my Prof 8 year old) told me about having her flu shot.  I responded “oh my gosh I just had mine yesterday.”  Casey (My Prof’s husband) pointed out that that may be why I was feeling a little off.  So I guess I am flu shot sick- funny huh

However, when I got home

When I got home I had a big project


Note that is not a bubbling pot of stew..  It’s


75 Ginger Bread Cookies!  For my class- I am going to miss them so much- I thought this might make their final exam a little better- plus who doesn’t love ginger bread- it’s so old fashioned and wonderful

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