Waiting for Christin * not christmas silly

I am currently waiting for one of my dear friends Christen to arrive and I will admit I am getting a little antsy:)  I just really can’s wait to see her


She is just such a wonderful girl! We went to Saint Louis University together, were in the same women’s group for four years, were RA’s together, lived together our senior year, and then last year as she finished up her DPT (miss smarty pants) she lived with me.  I am SO excited to see her.

We had another breakfast party this morning (very in style these days)


The Pumpkin bread was amazing!  I will get the recipe for you all.  It was whole wheat (my whole wheat pumpkin bread always comes out flat), apple sauce, a blueberry muffin, and grapes.  Amy went all out and did a wonderful job

Her roommate is a huge app state girl- check out the muffin cups!


ImageYep App State Muffin Cups!  How cute.  Lauren and I then walked to work (it’s about a mile) and Dr. G and I started working on next semester- what can i say we never rest.

Then it was back home again and cleaning.  I started to nibble on everything so I actually sat down and ate lunch Image

A frittata with two egg whites, an egg, sweet tator, and spinach with a little cheese on top.  I wish I could say this stopped me from snacking but… I am such a bad nibbler.  

Just talked to Christin- less than an hour!  I am counting down:)

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