Road Trip Rules

I got up early to take one last run through the wintery midwest before I leave the flat lands behind and head back to the mountains

IMG_0459If you were at all questioning if 4 degrees is cold- let me just tell you- it is!  I was freezing my tail off all 5 miles of my run- brrrrrrr

However, this view made it all worth it

IMG_0462Nate and I are hitting the road in three and a half hours (I am not counting down or anything). So I picked up some items for our road trip.

Road trips can be filled with unhealthy options and not eating meals…  I know I have had very few “healthy road trips.”  My last road left me feeling hung over and sick- not from alcohol but from curly fries.

So as we head out on the road I picked up a few items that I think will prevent the nasty unhealthy foods from crossing out lips.  I really do think taking healthy food with you is a good idea because it’s easy and prevents you from stopping and grabbing those unhealthy temptations

IMG_0464Carrots for snapping- apples for my sweet tooth- nuts for the salty portion- and juice and carbonated water to stop the need to get a soda pop

If I could only bring a coffee along we would be all set.

Good luck returning to wherever you come from


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