Good Bye Gum Good Bye Artificial Sweeteners


I am a user and abuser of gum and artificial sweeteners.  Yeah I know they are bad for me.  Yes I know that as a registered dietitian I should know better.  I do know better.

Chewing gum is a stress thing for me.  I am no small user.  I’ve been known to chew threw a crazy amount of gum (more than one pack per day).  I know I over chew and I am convinced it is linked to my teeth grinding.  I am a severe teeth grinder.  So I have resolved to stop chewing gum.  It’s gonna be tricky especially when I am stressed out- but I know I can and will do it.

I also overuse artificial sweetener.  I have for years and it comes from a long history of self esteem issues (I’m working through them).  I’ve more than a week without them and I think I have finally kicked the habit!  But I also know that stress will return and bad habits can come with stress.

Well- Week one of best body bootcamp

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