Make Yourself Proud Mug

My make yourself proud mug is my favorite!  Every time I decide to use this mug I get excited!  I know I am SUCH a dork but I just love it.  I feel like the day is mine when I use this mug.  Isn’t it crazy how easy it it to motivate yourself with a simple mug- it is worth a the $5 I spent on the mug about a month ago.  


Really it’s a great mug.

And I did make myself proud today!  I got up at 6 (I love getting up at 6 and getting my day going- is that weird or what), started the fire (okay fine I tried but it was a hard fire day), did my Best Body workout (thanks tina), and got ready for my day.  

I’m Proud- and all of you should be proud of yourself!  Even small things should be celebrated- ALWAYS.  ImageThen it was time for breakfast!  Which was needed let me tell you.  My stomach was totally talking out loud.  It told me food was needed and I told it nutrition was needed.

ImageSmoothy time let me tell you!  I love smoothies-they are a great way to fill up and take care of that sweet tooth (I have a HUGE sweet tooth and would rather own it then pretend I don’t).  

This smoothy had blueberries, one half a banana, 3/4 cup soy milk, a scoop of chocolate amazing grass, and about 1/4 a scoop of soy protein.  I am trying out the Amazing Grass just for the fun of it.  What can I way, I’m a future dietitian I like to try new things.

Okay so a little more inspiration for your day!

ImageImageImageand my all time favorite- It’s actually the background on my computer

ImageHave an inspired Friday


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