My Little Brother

Yesterday my little brother Nate headed back north to start his the second semester of his sophomore year at the University of Illinois (we are from central Illinois, so I am the one far from home).  I will admit I had that sinking stomach feeling as he and his girlfriend drove away.  

What can I say, I’m an older sister.  I’m 4.5 years older than Nate.  It’s enough time that we learned to respect each at a much younger age.  Plus Nate is just plain cool.  This kid can fix ANYTHING- loves ecology, and let’s face it basically rocks.  Image

*Note this picture is from the London airport after a overnight flight

When I sat down to each lunch today I decided to watch the most recent episode of Modern Family.  Nate and I love Modern Family and Nate’s goal is to be like Phil when he is a Dad…  we will see.  (I was eating at my desk so watching Modern Family allowed me to actually take a break instead of working through lunch…  

In the most recent episode Haley and Alex are left to babysit Luke, the little brother,  over new years. Luke invites a girl over and the older sisters don’t know what to do… Throughout the episode they realize Luke is growing up.  At the end Haley says ” I am so not ready for him to grow up yet” and Alex responds “I know I want him to stay our stupid little brother”.

I honestly almost sobbed.  It felt so near and dear.  I love watching Nate grow up- but sometimes I just want him to stay little.  


While I almost sobbed I enjoyed some lunch

ImageA hummus, avocado, bean sprout sandwich with half a grapefruit.  It actually really hit the spot.  I love hummus and bean sprout sandwiches- they remind me of my dear friend Christin.  

However, I started to get really hungry around 2:30 so I pulled out my snack.  I think it may be switching to an early schedule but my hunger levels are out of control.Image

So I pulled my snack out.  Grapes and a greek yogurt- LOVE.  

I’m at work for another hour and then headed out for a walk in the beautiful weather (unseasonably warm in the mountains).  No huge plans for tonight.  I may be lame and read or maybe something fun will come up.  We will see.

Now I have to ask

What corny things have made you cry in the last few months?


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