Sprouted and Beat

I am BEAT!  Yes this semester has chewed me up and spit me out and I made it through to the other end.  Yes friends I am 1/4 done with my Masters degree (well almost I have one more stats question to answer).

I wanted to start the day with some brain powered protein


and we needed to get rid of the grapes (they were getting old) so I threw together a sweet potato, 1 egg two egg whites, spinach omlet and was off to start may day.


I’ve been walking to campus from the mall (it’s about a mile) and LOVING it.  I love the excercise and the time to think about my day. Oh and I love my red shoes- they are just SO fun.

We had our only exam at 9 and then the girls decided it was time to celebrate!  So we headed to Our Daily Bread and lunch was had


What a pretty plate- Our Daily Bread does a really good job with fresh yummy ingredients.  This is the chicken salad plate with pumpkin bread (SO GOOD).  I have to say- this may be one of my favorite meals- we don’t eat out often but I still prefer simplicity.

Then Katy surprised us with a gift


We all have matching App State Mugs with our names and a nutrition quote


“our food should be our medicine and medicine should be our off”

LOVE-Thanks Katy

Then walked home and went out to run (a cold 5 miles)- finished my stats exam (well almost) and decided it was time for dinner

Potato leek soup and half a veggie hummus sandwich- hit the spot!  Well friends it is SO good to be back- watching Miracle on 34th Street- OH I love it!


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What I’ve been doing

Sorry I feel off the face of the planet.  I got busy and forgot how much I love this blog and ya’ll:)  I am back!  I have missed you all so much.

So what have I been doing for the last few months?  Well things have been busy in the best of ways

I spent a LOT of time in lab

Iron Chef Farmers Market challenge winner! Plating is beautiful isn’t it

While one of the classes I was teaching had labs the other had huge lunch parties- check out how beautiful this soup is from the Halloween lunchen

and this beautiful plate form the little Italy lunch

I went on a lot of beautiful hikes

a bunch with this fun girl

Hi Erin (this one was actually taken today).

Oh and it snowed in October (Hi Matt)

I also spent a lot of times studying and doing school work…  But I am back and I missed ya’ll

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My mom is on YouTube

Check it out:)


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Sun in the Mountains

I LOVE the mountains.  I actually totally believe I need to get that bumper sticker that reads “I love the mountains”.

I  Love that when I walk home from class I am immediately put at peace simply by the mountains beauty and the freshness of the mountain air.  That life honestly seems to move a little slower up here even though I still move at warp speed.

They get in your soul in a honest and powerful way

I Love that men with beards are the norm and when I go to the grocery store I see people in overalls.  These people are not being hipsters, they are actually real life hipsters (aka they don’t keep up on fashion).

I Love that hiking, biking, and climbing are all big and when you meet someone you simply have to ask what their hobby is, because everyone has one.

I Love the accent.  While I don’t have an accent on campus (turns out young people from Charlotte and Chapel Hill don’t have accents) I feel so out of place at the grocery store.  I love listening to people as they sing their words.

But I DO admit I have one major issue with the mountains.  I miss the sun!  It takes a good long while for the sun to come over the mountain but when it does… oh boy… when it does the mountains come alive and I may love the mountains even more.


This morning when I woke up, the sun was on the mountain!  So for the first time in a few days I took a picture that does not look like a second graders art project.

Greek Yogurt, Berries, and oatmeal

Simple like my love of the mountains

TGIF (If only it still came with Sabrina and Boy Meets World)


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Today is convocation so I have the morning off!

Did your college have convocation?  We did at SLU but a lot of my friends in the dietetic program have never had convocation.  I don’t think I had ever heard of convocation until I went to SLU.

Oh and by the way that is a picture of SLU Church-Isn’t it beautiful!

I went to convocation as an undergrad but this year I decided to take the morning off, go for a run, and eat a good breakfast.


Peanut Butter Waffel and a Banana with a side or two (okay maybe three) of coffee!

Well I still have about an hour before I take the bus-I think I will get a little homework done

Have a Great Thursday


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Natural Woman

It is totally possible that the Carol King song Natural Woman best describes what I am truly looking for in a man…

Let me see- Your Love Was the Key to my peace of mind…

Yep I tell you-high expectations to find these things.

My roommate asked me what music I “grew up” on tonight (when I said I am not a Pink Floyd fan…  It’s not happy music).  I answered James Taylor, Carol King, and Carly Simon mixed in with a little Cat Stevens, The Eagles, and Elton John.

The Eagles song Peaceful Easy Feeling strongly influenced my decision to get my ears pierced at 21.  I mean who doesn’t want to inspire lines like

I like the way sparkling earings lay , against your skin so brown

Well I may or may not have listened to the entire Carol King Tapestry album while making dinner tonight and I actually feel that dinner made me feel a little like a Natural Woman


I tried to make Jenna’s Plant Burgers-but I will be honest, mine did not turn out so well


Also I really need to say sorry for my poor photography skills-Ya’ll are saints for bearing with me as I “figure things out”



Question of the Night? What songs impacted your childhood?

Happy Wednesday






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Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today is Sarah’s 25th birthday!

I met Sarah my freshman year of college and she pretty much told me she would be my best friend.  She was right!

I can actually remember telling me we would be friends for a long time.  We were walking back from the soccer fields at SLU and she linked arms with me and informed of our future together.  I am not sure if she told a lot of people that or if she hit the nail on the head but she hit the nail on the head.

Sarah is an amazing friend, amazing resident, and overall amazing person.  She is the kind of girl you want as a best friend.  The kind of person who supports you through the rough times but always challenges you to be better.

I am so thankful to have her in my life and so proud of her

I downed a quick bowl of granola and a pear this morning- It hit the spot!

Have a wonderful day


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